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Farmyard in Red

Price from: £40.00

One of our favourites, this design has a warm, timeless quality that you will live happily with for ever.
  • Classic Drum
  • Tall Drum
  • Gathered Shades
  • Candle Shades
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We can make your fabric shade in two different ways.
We can use our flame retardant backing material, giving a crisper, more modern look. The fabric is backed onto a stiff card which creates the structure of the shade.
We can stitch the fabric onto a metal frame. This is how fabric lampshades used to be made and the effect is softer and slightly more traditional.

Our pendant fittings need to sit at the top of the shade for hanging ceiling lights and the bottom for upright lamps. So we need you to tell us which you would like.

Please note that for table and floor lamps the shade is designed to sit two inches below the where the lampshade will screw onto your base (between the rings just below the lightbulb). If you would like the shade higher or lower you are advised to choose a ceiling fitting and sit the shade on a shade carrier.