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Our classic table lamp in dark green with jalis shades

Price from: £60.00

This is one of our dark green classic table lamps, photographed with square shades, in our handmade jalis paper. The base is also available in three other colours.

Choose from this Green, Bronze Earth (a rich brown that appears almost black/bronze), Chinese Red (provides an earthy but sophisticated shot of colour) and French Grey (a useful, emphatic mid-tone).

Sufficiently smart for a drawing room but also a stylish option for a bedroom or study, a pair of these lamps on a console table provides a timeless decorating solution.

The base is 38 cms tall and our medium-sized shades fit the proportion perfectly. Each one is hand-finished in a specialist wax to give the colours a soft sheen. They come with a standard plastic flex. However we can re-wire them in silk flex as shown for an additional £30 per lamp.