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About Us

Having looked endlessly for interesting but affordable lamps and lampshades we were driven to try to make our own, which is how where did you get that was born. Whilst there are more places to find good lighting now than there were when we started the company, the choice is still limited. Who hasn’t ended up settling for a boring lamp and the standard off-white shade, usually a little too small for the base, in the absence of any alternative? 

We are inspired by pattern and colour and have trawled big suppliers, tiny shops, quirky design studios and creative printmakers to find our eclectic mix of fabrics and papers. 

All the lampshades in our core range are beautifully handmade to order in the UK from fine quality linens and cottons or handmade paper. But we can also make you a lampshade in any shape, in material that you send us - so you can be confident of the perfect match to a room scheme. You can send in a spare half metre left over from a sofa you had upholstered, or simply tell us which fabric you would like to use, be it a Colefax and Fowler chintz or a lovely coloured linen. And if you have an old shade that is already the ideal fit for your lamp, but needs a face-lift, we can re-cover it and give it a new lease of life.

Our shades in handmade Japanese and French paper are available in a far wider range of colours than you can find in existing lighting departments. There are some lovely, unusual patterned options too. In selecting the paper, our objective was to give you the option of choosing something gentle that can blend with an existing room scheme, or something that provides a greater contrast or focal point. Changing a lampshade, as with adding a new cushion, can be a cost-effective way of re-energising a room.

And if you are after a base, we have some new designs of our own, many more on the way, and have a changing collection of vintage bases which are for sale with or without shades.

where did you get that is where the time-consuming search stops but where you don’t have to compromise your sense of style. 

Where did you get that light - lampshades handmade in the UK.

Lisabel and Sophie