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Fabric Colour Guide

We have chosen a number of designs that we like. Some are expensive, others less so, but all aim to be a little bit different from the average offer.

As well as the patterns we have featured in the Guide below, we also have over 35 coloured plain linens and silks, so do also take a look at our Plain Fabric Shade section.

* Some of the patterns are not suitable for the French Drum shape because of the sloping sides. We have marked these with an asterisk. Other material is too thick to make a good gathered shade - we have highlighted this too.

Nicholas Herbert Fabrics

We found it difficult to choose as we like so many of these designs. We finally narrowed it down to a few, but you can find more by going to

Strapwork in Terracotta

This delicate pattern in a pretty coral is very versatile across all sizes of shade. However all the Strapwork material is slightly too heavy for a gathered shade.

Strapwork in Antique Green

A subdued but pretty green.

Strapwork in Antique Green

Strapwork in Mocha

A delicate pale brown.


A versatile Nicholas Herbert design on a lovely soft rose base colour, with an almost 1950's retro feel. Too thick for a gathered shade.


An exuberant, floral, Bloomsburyesque design. Works well in all manner of shades.

Farmyard in Aqua Swatch

Farmyard in Aqua

A beautiful pastoral design that somehow manages to be very English and quite French all at once. In three lovely, earthy colours, they make particularly stunning gathered shades.

Farmyard in Blue Swatch

Farmyard in Blue

Farmyard in Red Swatch

Farmyard in Red


Grouse in Slate*

This lovely fabric featuring a pale grey grouse is taken from a Rose de Borman woodcut.  

Lewis & Wood

Lewis & Wood have a selection of wonderful patterned fabric, often inspired by nature and with a nostalgic sense of the countryside – have a look at their website,

Etienne in Moonstone

A generous floral print from Lewis and Wood, perfect for medium and large shades but a little heavy for gathered shades. Available in four beautifully subtle colours: Moonstone, Citrine, Rose Quartz and Amethyst.

Etienne in Citrine

Etienne in Rose Quartz

Etienne in Amethyst 

Other Options

We have chosen these from an almost endless variety of patterned fabrics and they vary in price. What they all have in common are lovely colours and interesting designs.

Lotus Swatch


This is very pretty but very expensive! However it is a stunning fusion of organic and geometric design. Also available in Olive (below). Not really suitable for gathered shades.

Lotus in Olive Swatch

Lotus in Olive


Flower Swatch

Indian Star  

From the same designers as Lotus, this is also expensive but very attractive. Also available in soft blue - grey (below).

Indian Star in Smoke Swatch

Indian Star in Smoke

Cinabar Swatch


A decorative Bennison pattern on a spicy fawn base colour; lends lovely warmth to a room.

Indian Leaf Swatch

Indian Leaf

A pretty block print on a pale green background that works particularly well as a gathered shade; perfect for a bedside table.

Untitled Swatch


An exotic, pretty pattern, particularly good for gathered shades.

Indian Paisley Swatch

Indian Paisley

A decorative but informal exotic take on paisley, this also works particularly well as a gathered shade.

Illusion Swatch


Almost an optical illusion but - possibly surprisingly - one that makes a striking shade in any shape.

Leaves Swatch


A delicate print on cotton. Limited stock remaining.

Saffron Vine Swatch

Saffron Vine

A pretty, striking design with the combination of black and ochre adding welcome strength. Lovely as a gathered shade.

Green Stripe Swatch

Green Stripe*

A subtle stripe achieved in the weave of this green and off-white linen. Although unsuitable for sloping, french drums, this vertical pattern works very well for straight-sided drums and gathered shades. Also available in a jolly pink and a soft purple and ochre (below).

Pink Stripe Swatch

Pink Stripe*


Purple and Yellow Stripe Swatch

Purple and Ochre Stripe*

Sandline Swatch


A lovely rich ochre, suitable for all straight-sided drums.

Ironwork Swatch


The formal design contrasts with the softly muted colours. This makes a strong shade in all shapes but is too thick for a gathered shade.

Red Blue Brown Swatch

Calcutta Smoke

Exotic rust-red paisley pattern on a subtle blue background. Block-printed in India and excellent for gathered shades.

Galloping Horses Swatch

Galloping Horses

Pretty design on cotton which would make a nice children's shade.

Black White Swatch

Graphic Paisley

A delicate paisley pattern on light cotton. Perfect for a gathered shade. 

Blue Cream Swatch


A geometric pattern that calls to mind Islamic floor and wall art. In a range of soft blues. 

Blue Swatch

Grey Fern

A delicate fern pattern in soft blue-grey.