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Paper Colour Guide

Here is our selection of Japanese Moriko Kozo and Chiyogami papers. They have a beautiful intensity of colour and a rich texture. We also offer some French and British designs, all grouped together by colour so that you can find what you need quickly.

* Please note that some of the patterned options do not work well on the French Drum shape.



Golden Yellow

Less of a yellow, more of a golden glow that is neither ‘just’ cream nor overpowering


A rich ochre that offers an earthy, warm look by day and a subtle glow by night

Brookfield Village Trees by Judd Street*

Ochre on cream, a pattern that manages to be both contemporary and reminiscent of Bloomsbury

Burnt Orange

A wonderfully warm colour that manages to both make a statement but not overwhelm




Mingeishi Red

A lovely strong red that glows a warm, dark pink when lit

Chiyogami Red Flowers*

Decorative red and black flowers on a parchment background, this makes a strong statement


A British paper, ideal for a girl’s bedroom, pretty without being twee due to its handmade texture

Les Jali in Deep Red

A beautifully textured French paper patterned red on darker red and producing a subtle glow when lit


Dark, as much a rich brown as a purple, so warm and forgiving, not strident nor too sober



Blues and Greys

Les Jali in Deep Blue

A beautifully textured French paper patterned red on darker red and producing a subtle glow when lit

Chiyogami Chrysanthenums*

A lovely, strong pattern which manages to blend black, grey and points of blue when lit, for a uniquely textured look

Chiyogami Trellis*

A light, delicate pattern, quite formal but a subtle mix of grey, cream and ochre

Les Jali in Black on Black

Like the Deep Red version, produces an intense, quite masculine look



Garden Green

A fresh, clear green that is vibrant without being harsh

Les Jali in Green

A subtle grey-green pattern on a putty background, the same rich texture as our other Jali papers


Dark but nevertheless recognisable as a green, a rich, subtle option

Sea Green

Stronger than eau de nil but very adaptable to either a cool or warmer room scheme

Katazome Flame Trees

A gently geometric pattern of trees on an intense burnt orange background.


Children's Papers

Rossi Rocking Horses

Old fashioned rocking horses gallop across an off-white background.

Rossi Toy Planes

Lovely retro design, perfect for a young boy's bedroom.

Leamon Paper Stars

Lemony-gold stars light up a sea green background.