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What size and shape should your lampshade be?

This can seem a tricky one and you don't want to get overwhelmed by tape measures and ratios.

The simple solutions are often the best. At the studio we have paper shapes which we hold above the lamps, but newspaper will do and if you fold a piece and see how it looks width and height-wise, we have found that to be the easiest way of solving the problem.

There are a number of ratios that people often cite.

  • > That the shade should be wider than the base.
  • > That the height of the shade should be 2/3rds of the height of the base.
  • > That the widest part of the shade should be equal to the height of the base.

We have found the first of these to be right in nearly all cases and the second and third serve as a good guide - but like all rules, these can be broken.

If you are stuck you can email us a photograph of your lamp with its dimensions or if you are in central London come to our studio, which is a few minutes from Sloane Square. Call 07580 299 035 to make an appointment.

Or we can do a home visit. These cost £75, but are free for orders of over £250. We can come to your house with lots of sample shades so that you can try out shapes, sizes and different materials.

What style should you go for?

The photographs below are intended to give you an idea of how the different shapes we offer change the feel of a lamp.

> The hand sewn French drum on a frame is our most traditional lampshade  - a gathered version is softer looking still and, depending on the fabric you choose, can look equally good in the town or country.

> With straighter sides and made using an off-white card, a French drum is given a sharper and more modern feel - which is why we call it a Contemporary French drum.

> The classic and tall drum shapes are very popular and are the perfect shape for bold or complicated patterns, as the straight sides do not distort the design.

> Interesting candle shades are notoriously difficult to find. Our half-cones usually work perfectly well but if your wall light is designed to stand further away from the wall or the candle shades are needed for a ceiling light, then opt for full cones.

But if you can't find what you are looking for, email us. We started this company because we couldn't find what we wanted and we have made huge shades and tiny ones, plain, patterned and in many, many different shapes.